February 21 2018
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WHYTE STUDIO™ by designer Bianca Whyte™ is a luxury outerwear brand that is built and designed on the tenets of creative construction and impeccable detailing. Using only high-quality and hand selected fabrics, WHYTE STUDIO™ creates transitional, durable pieces necessary in today’s market.

Inspired by the designer’s time as a professional motocross athlete in Australia, WHYTE STUDIO™ evokes androgynous designs through its trademark style: tailored, sports-inspired outerwear with unique detailing that’s built to last.

The spring summer 2018 “Whyte Mode” focuses on practical and functional design. This collection is all about the attention to detail, corset-style bodices and form fitting midiskirts while adding utility oversized pockets with branded sports trimming. Outerwear pieces have a strong sense of power with structured shoulders and form fitted waistlines to accentuate the womanly figure.

Available in-store at Not Just Another Store and online at www.uttercouture.com.