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Paris T-Shirt by GOSSE au CŒUR

With a landscape print of the champs-élysées, the Paris t-shirt remains connected with the concept of collection 3 by Paris being the desired destination of the designer from a young age. The designer channels his beliefs in always remaining aligned with your heart’s desires through this piece.


Suburbia T-Shirt by GOSSE au CŒUR

Forever daydreaming offers the Suburbia t-shirt a design to exhibit an aura of the suburban American dream. Short sleeve cotton jersey t-shirt in white with black and blueprint on front and back.


G.A.C Heart T-Shirt by GOSSE au CŒUR

Love is the root is the concept for this traditional boxy fit t-shirt by GOSSE au CŒUR. The designer places emphasis on his beliefs on love being the root of all things whilst showcasing his identity in faith. Short sleeve cotton jersey t-shirt in black with graphic prints in white at front and back. Crewneck collar. Joseph is 185cm and wears a size L. Box-cut fitting.


Cherub Short-sleeved Tee by FACE

FACE aqua green crew neck t-shirt is made of 100% cotton and features a laughing cherub artwork print. The phrase “Face Changes” is written in orange underneath.


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