NJAS presents new independent brand on board: Wonderound

NJAS presents new independent brand on board: Wonderound

Korean born Zi Kim, the founder of Wonderound, graduated from Central St Martins in 2011 with a degree in women’s wear and opened her shop in Cavert Avenue 6 years ago. Wonderound is filled with an eclectic mix of clothing, accessories, jewellery, homeware and unique vintage finds. Zi designs each beautiful collection has it manufactured in the UK and supplements it with the work of independent designers from Berlin, Scotland, Portugal, Korea & Japan.


How do you describe your passion and your relationship with your art
Fun communication. My passions are mostly created by the needs that I want to express some part of myself.


How does being creative affect your independence?
I must say it is helping a big part. When I am happy with my works, it makes me want to communicate with people. It is a very fun & healthy process as it always developed another level of work by me trying to understand what they want more from my creation. It is a respectful collaboration brings satisfaction for both sides. So when my creativity meets the right sharer, I am naturally power-up in many other ways includes my independency.


What would be your advice to young artists who strive to establish themselves?
I am not really established so I can’t advise much but I must say trust your gut and find your own way to do your creation constantly as reality can be disappointing.

Who is your biggest inspiration in the art industry?
Francis Bacon

What would you change about the current art scene
Art scene? Not sure. In Fashion, I would like to have more opportunities to build a relationship between creators and business-people who can support independent designers can do interesting projects.

Where is your favourite place in the world?
For now, my new studio and small sweet bedroom are becoming one of my favourites. It is not the best yet and still a lot to do but I built by myself so it means a lot. If I need to pick somewhere outside, I would say I like spring in Tokyo, London in summer, Autumn in Seoul and winter in LA.

Where do you seek inspiration?
People, Art, Lifestyle

Who do you think is the greatest artist of all time
Francis Bacon. It is so dark, scary, honest, brave & totally crazy. I never have seen paintings like his ones that haunted me that bad and I don’t believe I can find any other artist who can do this bold, powerful and disturbing work.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Work with more freedom (hopefully). Based in London but travel a lot.

Can you describe your design studio and the creative team working with you?
Old Factory warehouse building. Industrial but lots of daylights and massive cutting tables& sewing machines. Painted white most of space and mixed with vintage and modern furniture. 5 different tables and comfortable sofa and many drawers &cabinets. Garment patterns cards are hanging on the ceiling and lots of fabrics and some plants. (planning to have more.) Planning to have a hanging hammock soon. 2 cats come out from the room sometimes and hanging while I work. At the moment, all interns finished their term and waiting for a new team who would like to join.( Feel free to ask, please)

How do you keep your ideas and the creative dialogue fresh?
By seeing other’s creations and by not seeing other’s creations too often.

 What do you think about social media and your presence?
I am very lazy with this. So not really doing well and very slow. But I think it is for communicating with my people and I believe they wouldn’t like me to post things too often and bother them. So I guess even it is slow, it is my style.

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