Suburbia T-Shirt by GOSSE au CŒUR


Suburbia t-shirt by GOSSE au CŒUR. Forever daydreaming offers the Suburbia t-shirt a design to exhibit an aura of the suburban American dream. Short sleeve cotton jersey t-shirt in white with black and blueprint on front and back. Crewneck collar. Joseph is 185cm and wears a size L. Box-cut fitting.


GOSSE au CŒUR, French for ‘Kid at Heart’ is a fashion brand that focuses on blending streetwear style with luxury sensibilities, showcased as ready-to-wear collections. Founded by Benjamin Kyei in 2017, GOSSE au CŒUR is both a reflection of modern youth culture and nostalgic references, as well as Kyei’s personal experiences growing up in East London. Kyei is colourblind and also uses that as a defining theme in his work.

· 100% organic cotton
· Read care label for wash instructions
· Made in portugal

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