Ruby Taglight Falling Bird Pin


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Unique hand-carved bird pins with recycled ruby in their claws. The act of turning a bird on its head, or cementing it to a ring, inversely illustrates the beauty of fluid movement. Birds clasp recycled rubies in their claws, and are pinned upside down to the fabric, frozen as a pedestal holding up the gemstone. Ruby Taglight creates one-of-a-kind, sculptural pieces exploring the importance of adornment. Drawing on themes such as myth, history, and religion, the jewellery plays with combining traditional materials and forms, with those less conventional, such as synthetic gemstones and figurines, celebrating the over-feminine, over-embellished, and the kitsch.
  • Hand carved bird pins, cast in recycled silver, and set with a recycled ruby in their claws
  • Edition of 3, signed with lab-grown ruby
  • One size
  • Unisex
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