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Kurisu Omokase Dinner | Fridays

Every Fridays and Saturdays with 2 sittings per evening at 5PM and 8PM time slots.

Starting Friday July 9th and Saturday July 10th onwards.

Omakase means “I leave it up to you” or “chef’s choice”- a traditional Japanese style of dining with a twist.

Kurisu Omakase specialises in Yoroppa-Mae style Sushi Omakase.

18 course menu at £150 per head, 6 guests per sitting.


Finarte Souvilla Grey Rug


Finarte Souvilla Green Rug


Finarte Juhla Rug


Finarte Dyyni Rug


Finarte Suovilla White Rug


Finarte Tie Grey Rug


Bisila Noha Vase