Chef’s Table: Passa Passa

Unit 5, 5 Calvert Ave, London E2 7JP


February 4, 23 6:00 pm


February 4, 23 11:30 pm

Introducing our newest chef’s residency at Not Just Another Store: Passa Passa
An eclectic mix and blend of the richest flavours across the Afro Caribbean diasporas


Reservations are now open, with seatings available at 6pm and 8pm on Saturdays

Passa Passa Head Chef, Zana Millen boasts an extensive culinary background that is both inspired and refined by her African and Hackney history. Her main aim being to present traditional ingredients and recipes in contemporary small plate servings.

In honour of Chinese New Year, Passa Passa have constructed an immersive dinner experience that pays homage to the spirited Chinese community that migrated to Jamaica in the 1800s. References are also made to the iconic Randy’s shop and AP records and their delivery of combined culture in the Caribbean.

Join us on Saturdays at Not Just Another Store for 7 courses of Passa Passa available with selected wine pairings and our resident vinyl DJ fusing together the flavours and vibes.

Presenting, BAOS + TINGS – A Caribbean food concept with strong Asian influences serving Taiwanese style dim sum buns stuffed with traditional Caribbean dishes and other various Afro-Caribbean influences.

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