Ruby Taglight Bird Ring (Silver)


This unique ring has been carved by hand, cast in recycled metal, and signed with a lab-grown ruby. This heavy and angled ring reflects the shapes of temples, mirroring the immensity experienced in places of worship. A silver platform is created for a silver bird to throw itself on and around. The contrast of the blocky surface and the delicate birds is enhanced by a differing in matt and shiny surfaces.


Ruby Taglight creates one-of-a-kind, sculptural pieces exploring the importance of adornment. Drawing on themes such as myth, history, and religion, the jewellery plays with combining traditional materials and forms, with those less conventional, such as synthetic gemstones and figurines, celebrating the over-feminine, over-embellished, and the kitsch.

  • Hand-carved temple-shaped ring, with birds flying over. Cast in recycled silver.
  • Unique, signed with the edition number, and lab-grown ruby
  • Can be re-sized
  • Unisex


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