Sweet Ceremony Candle 120ml by Hart + Hunter

£ 15.00

Sweet Ceremony by Hart + Hunter centres around a true aromatic healer, lemongrass. Powerful and refreshing, it’s perfect for any space at any hour. The cooling effect of lemongrass promotes the revival of both the mind and soul. Coupled with fresh lime this scent delivers a sweet clarity and focus. Ingredients are 100% natural, free of synthetic chemicals and parabens. Presented in a high quality glass amber jar.

Use to: Boost mood, invigorate, focus
Burn time: 20 – 25 hours


100% pure essential oils
Top note:
Lemongrass + Lime
Middle note:
Wax blend: Soy, Rapeseed, Beeswax, Coconut
+ unbleached cotton wick

All ingredients and materials sourced from UK suppliers. Hand poured in small batches in London. Shipping and packaging is eco friendly plastic free.

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