Our Curators


UTTER Couture was founded in 2013 as an online retail platform for emerging and contemporary fashion brands’ voices to be heard in a competitive fast fashion retail market.

Being positioned as a premium street style brand, UTTER Couture is concerned with providing high quality pieces that allows consumers to stand out of the crowd at good for value prices.

We focus on stocking emerging brands, bringing them to the forefront of style with innovative designs and good for value prices.

We endeavour to uphold all our customer service values and store ethos through our online store meaning you can feel as comfortable ordering online, knowing we will treat your order exactly the same as an in store purchase.

A main purpose for UTTER is to support new brands and designers by stocking their collections, giving them a platform to showcase their talent and supporting their growth.


MARR was established by Marcel Robin in 2012.

Inspired by the surroundings of the London based brand, we see influences of city life through urban ‘mode de vie’, art and music, which relates heavily to the attitude of the brand.

The East London studio is a base for consistent experimentation and exploration of new design aspects in a bid to stay visionary.

MARR creates unexampled statements through the reinterpretation of existing styles and shapes powered by the fusion with art.

It offers a transitional notion in garments from day to night with its gender-defying aesthetic.

“Wardrobe essentials a little different to the conventional.” – Marcel